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Friday, October 21, 2016

Rabbi Mendel Kessin on the upcoming election

Here is Rabbi Mendel Kessin talking about how he thinks Jews should vote in the upcoming US election and why. Caveat: This was apparently recorded before the release of the Donald Trump 'talkin' dirty' tape, but I doubt that would change Rabbi Kessin's mine (anyone with evidence to the contrary is invited to put it in the comments).

Let's go to the videotape.

By the way, Rabbi Kessin's biography may be found here.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Trump and Pence to speak out at Jerusalem rally against #UNESCO_Lies, but not at Aish HaTorah

The Republican party is looking for a new location for a Jerusalem rally at which candidates Donald Trump and Mike Pence will speak via satellite, after Aish HaTorah backed out of hosting it.
Aish HaTorah rejected a request by the Republican Party to host a rally with speeches by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and his running mate Mike Pence next Wednesday after The Jerusalem Post reported exclusively that the event would be held on the organization's rooftop over-looking the Western Wall.

Trump and Pence agreed to speak via satellite at the rally which was billed as an event calling for the strengthening of Jerusalem following UNESCO's controversial decision about the city.

"We decided not to do the event, because Aish is a non-profit that doesn't get involved in partisan politics," Aish director general Rabbi Steven Burg told the Post.

Burg said Aish would do its own event in response to UNESCO "because the real issue is an unjust decision trying to erase the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount." Burg posted The Jerusalem Post article about the rally on Facebook explaining that Aish has decided not to host the event.
He said that he had received protest letters. There was also an outcry on Twitter.
 Maybe Trump should just come here and visit the Kotel (Western Wall). That's what Romney did.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

#UNESCO_lies avoids revote, finalizes resolution denying Jewish connection to Temple Mount, director general receives death threats

After last week's UNESCO vote denying the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount, Mexico, which had voted in favor, fired its (Jewish) ambassador to UNESCO who walked out in protest, and then announced that it was demanding a revote in which it would abstain on the resolution. Brazil, which had also voted in favor, decided that it too could no longer support the resolution.

But it was all for naught.  UNESCO's Executive Board decided a short while ago that the resolution 'was adopted.' There will be no revote.

Meanwhile, UNESCO's Director General, Irina Bukova, has received death threats for comments she made opposing the resolution.
Bokova said following the drafted resolutions "nowhere more than in Jerusalem do Jewish, Christian and Muslim heritage and traditions share space".

“To deny, conceal or erase any of the Jewish, Christian or Muslim traditions undermines the integrity of the site, and runs counter to the reasons that justified its inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage list [in 1981],” she stated on Friday.
I'm sure UNESCO would call her murder an 'honor killing.'

Israel's Education Ministry said on Friday that it is suspending all cooperation with UNESCO, a step that goes further than Israel's (and the United States') previous decisions to suspend their contributions to the agency, a decision President Obama has unsuccessfully attempted to reverse on several occasions.

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#Sukkot at that place where #UNESCO_lies and says Jews have no connection

Picture taken around 7:00 am this morning at the Western Wall (base of the Temple Mount, and as close as yours truly will get for now), a place #UNESCO_lies has tried to disconnect from the Jewish people.

Chag Sameyach!

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Hillary Clinton campaign manager: Don't mention Israel at public events

Here's another gem from the latest release of John Podesta emails. Clinton campaign manager Robbie Mook said that Clinton should not mention Israel at public campaign events.

Here's the conversation:


Is Hillary pro-Israel? Or does pandering to the Democratic base preclude that? (My answers: No and Yes).

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Is this for real?

Moadim l'simcha - A happy holiday to all of you.

The emails below were forwarded to me just before the holiday started. I cannot vouch for their authenticity, but if they are true, wow....

I just want to know why no one could find the Obama video with Rashid Khalidi eight years ago.

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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Podesta on Iran nuke deal: 'Yup' it will lead to nuclear war

Here's part of the latest Wikileaks dump - an email from Clinton campaign manager John Podesta the day after the Iranian nuclear sellout was signed.

He agrees with Senator Mark Kirk (R-Il) that the Iranian deal will lead to nuclear war.

Does Hillary agree?

(Hat Tip: Sunlight).

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